From the outlet, women have been at the center of most of the activities of SR. Several specific programmes for women have been initiated since 1985. This programme have been transferred to an independent organization, Sharada Mahila Vikas Society (SMVS) since July 2002.  The main programmes under SMVS are economic activities like papad and snacks and garment making, savings/credit programmes, self defence training courses, education and awareness.

Papad and snacks programme: Under this programme 100-110 women are active, producing worth Rs. 50-60 lacs, which  in turn  gives them an income of Rs. 13-15 lacs.

Garment Programme:  For this programme women having little experience in stitching are selected for training. Hence they work on modern machines for stitching and buttoning and produce uniform for the workers of industrial houses, boiler suits and school uniforms. For this 25-30 women produce goods worth Rs. 20-22 lacs and earn Rs. 5-6 lacs

Saving and credit Programme :  Besides the economic activities, group of women are also actively participating in saving /credit programme so that  at the time of family needs, these women’s can get loans and support each other to avoid getting into the vicious  circle of money Landers.

Child Education programme : This programme is for children from weaker  family for std. 1 to 7. They are provided with life skill activities such as hygiene, family and social responsibilities, along with visits to banks, post office and panchayat offices and celebration of important occasions like festivals and birth anniversaries of leaders etc.  In these activities approximately 200 children are participating.

Adolescent Programme : 800-1000 :This programme is aimed at cultivating health behaviours and address common issues and emotions experienced during adolescent period. Educational sessions are conducted for school going and drop-puts in villages. Subjects include addiction, sexual health, menstrual hygiene etc. Along with these sessions, field trips, exhibitions, picnics, overnight retreat at headquarter are arranged for developing life skills among this group.

Women empowerment programme : Periodically, women awareness shibirs, group discussion, and visit to various organizations are arranged with the purpose of improving our women beneficiaries’ abilities and understanding.

Self protection programme :  Several methods and systems are employed to learn how to protect themselves from physical and psychological exploitation. This self protection training is also being provided to school going and non-school going adolescent girls in our project areas and beyond.



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  • Use of technology for surveys

    SEWA Rural is organizing a workshop with title “Use of technology for surveys” on 20th & 21st December 2017The objectives of the workshop are - participate should be able to narrate the concepts involved in use of technology,  advantage - disadvantages of technology, task involved in technology, non-technology tasks to maximize use of technology in the survey, primary orientation of open source survey, and also able to make the basic application for the field survey. 
     Interested persons can contact us on and with subject title “Technology
    workshop”. The closing date for receiving application is 11-Dec- 2017.