Community Based Rehabilitation Project for The Blind

This was added to comprehensive Eye Care Programme in 1997. A survey is undertaken to cover any block for the project to identify curable blinds to be treated at the hospital and incurable blinds to be rehabilitated. Aged blinds were given training for social mobility and youth were trained for economic rehabilitation in different vocations like petty shop, animal husbandry and benefit of Govt. schemes like certificate of blindness, free bus pass, pension scheme etc. More than 90 clients have been rehabilitated economically. Many of them have been provided with interest free loans by SEWA Rural. 17 young clients have been sent to Tatawadi Fansa for 2 years total free training in agricultural activities. 4 out of them have completed training & Tatawadi has supported them financially to purchase land or equipments. The unique experiment of adding primary Eye care to traditional CBR was done for first time in the country. This includes school screening, Identificationing cataract cases, distribution of vitamin A, capsules, vaccination, health education & primary treatment.

Under the programme, population of Jhagadia, Valia, Dediapada Sagbara and Nandod blocks was covered.

1997 – 2005
Incurable blinds
Blindness certi. issued
S. T. Pass issued
Old age pension
[Loan from Sewa Rural]
Sent for agricultural
No. of children for education

Total incurable blinds have been benefited following their identification under the project. Similarly, blind children are being educated in their village schools or in special schools with the help of 3 Braille teachers under integrated education programme. Financial assistance from Sight Savers International & Govt. of India is available for this programme
SEWA Rural is registered for rehabilitation work with social welfare dept. as well as with Rehabilitation Council of India for conducting training of primary school teachers in integrated education. The centre has been affiliated to Bhoj University of Madhya Pradesh.

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